Pyrite Turquoise Energy Stone Apple Watch Upgrade Strap

$19.99 $59.99
Clasp Size:

Gorgeous Pyrite Turquoise strap to take your Apple watch to the next level. With powerful protective and stabilizing qualities.

This new watch band helps enhance intuition and allowed for openness during communication. An abundance of balancing energy for inner peace and calmness. Turquoise is used as a Throat and Heart Chakra opening stone. When you wear this gorgeous stone you not only enhance your creative vision but also predictive intuition energy.

Each piece is carefully handmade with individually selected beads and crystals for the highest quality available to you.

Fast shipping to you direct from our offices in beautiful Burbank, CA.
  • Materials:  Pyrite Turquoise, Genuine Wax Leather Cord

  • Metals: Magnetic Alloy Metal Clasp In Gold Color Finish

  • Multiple Size To Choose From:
    • Regular (5.5-9")
      • Clasp Size: Universal 38mm/40mm/41mm/42mm/44mm/45mm

  • Adjustable

  • Individually Handmade With Delicate Care & Love

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