Laundry Room Essentials - Level 1

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Get started with a better laundry room with our Laundry Room Essentials (Level 1) Kit.

This kit contains everything to get started so you can save time, money, and the environment.

You get a 2 Month Supply Of Lavaby Laundry Sheets (1 Box) + 6 Fluff Wool Dryer Balls!



The Lavaby Laundry sheets are a revolution in doing your laundry.

Each sheet cleans an entire load of laundry better than pods, liquids, and all the other bulky expensive products the big corporations have been forcing us to use.

There's no need to break your back lifting heavy and bulky liquid detergents which weigh a ton and take up all that space.

These eco-friendly sheets take up almost no space at all and are virtually as light as a feather.

You get an entire box of 26 sheets which is good for 52 medium size loads or 26 large loads of laundry.

It is the new favorite for anyone who hates traditional bulky detergents.

Great for the house, boats, rv's, camping, and anywhere where you might need to do your laundry in a new and better way.

Try Lavaby Laundry strips and you will thank yourself each time you put in a new load.

Did we mention they smell amazing?

Lavaby is quickly becoming a household name and for good reason. Great value and great products. See what everyone is talking about!

Works with High Efficiency (He) and Normal Washers.

FLUFF WOOL 100% New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls

Special Promotion! Get 6 Fluff Wools With Carrying Bag For Only $19.99 + Use discount code FLUFFWOOLOIL25 to save 25% off oils when you purchase Fluff Wool!

What is Fluff Wool? Great question!

Do you hate buying dryer sheets?

Is your dryer taking a long time and wasting extra energy?

Clothes come out wrinkled?

Now there's an all natural way to fix all those problems!

Here's what Fluff Wool does

- Improve the drying cycle by separating large clumps of wet clothing.

- Warm air circulates evenly to shorten dry time up to 35% which is money in your pocket

- Lasts up to 1000 loads! (no more dryer sheets needed)

- No need to blast your laundry with high heat and ruin your favorite clothes. Fluff Wool can dry them faster and better on lower heat settings.

- No plastics, no chemicals that can leak harmful substances into your laundry, just 100% Pure New Zealand Wool

- Reduce wrinkles and time wasted ironing

-Dryer sheets are full of chemicals that can be harmful and even irritate your skin, not to mention they make towels less absorbent.

-All Natural Fluff Wool contains no chemicals, and leaves no oily residue on towels

Don't be fooled by plastic balls and cheap imitations which can quickly build up nasty mold and other particles.

Trust the Original. Fluff Wool is 100% All Natural New Zealand Wool.

What's in the bag?

You get 6 all natural Fluff Wool 100% New Zealand Wool Balls.

The back of the bag contains all information and instructions. 

How exactly do they work?

Fluff Wool™ works like magic.

Add 4 to 6 Fluff Wool balls to a large load of laundry for fresh, amazingly soft laundry.

Want great smelling laundry? Combine Fluffy Wool dryer balls with our premium essential oils.

Want to give your laundry a boost? Add an extra 4-6 drops of your favorite oils to the Fluff Wool balls and place them in the dryer once your laundry has already been dried. Run the dryer once more on tumble with the heat off for 10 minutes and your laundry will come out smelling incredible. You can throw those old and expensive dryer sheets away.

Why should I stop using dryer sheets?

Dryer sheets are full of chemicals and they're expensive!

They could cause skin irritation

Most dryer sheets even have chemicals that reduce absorbency in towels!

So if you ever tried to dry off and your towels don't soak up any water, that's because of the chemicals that were probably released by your dryer sheets!

Trust us, you will never go back to dryer sheets when you switch to Fluff Wool.

What else can I do with them?

For starters, you can wear your favorite clothes a lot longer. With Fluff Wool you don't need to blast you laundry with high heat.

And because it dries your laundry just as well on lower heat, you won't damage your delicate fabrics. 

Do you love essential oils? Put a few drops on one of the Fluff Wool balls when running the dryer and prepare to be delighted when your clothes come out smelling amazing!

Wool is naturally anti-static and is also hygroscopic which gives it the ability to absorb moisture and move it away from wet laundry very quickly. Unlike synthetic fabrics where moisture builds up becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, wool’s breathability reduces the risk of your laundry taking on excess moisture which can cause unpleasant body odours.


Special Promotion! Get 6 Fluff Wools With Carrying Bag For Only $19.99 + Use discount code FLUFFWOOLOIL25 to save 25% off oils when you purchase Fluff Wool!

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