Intense Imperial Jasper Energy Healing Wrap Bracelet

$19.99 $59.99

One of the great spiritual Stones, Imperial Jasper is also known a powerful healing stone.

Promoting intense feelings of power to face uncertainties and fear. It's been known to have been worn by women warriors in ancient armies for protection. Some of humanities greatest archeological finds contain jewelry covered in jasper details.

It is said that Jasper brings out the best qualities of a woman to help guide her through all the demands of life.

It's also known as a peace bringing relaxation stone. Often used for meditation and prayers, Jasper is a deeply relaxing and spiritual gift from nature. 

Each bracelet is carefully handmade with individually selected beads and crystals for the highest quality available to you.
Fast shipping to you direct from our offices in beautiful Burbank, CA.

  • Materials: Natural Polished Imperial Jasper Stone, Jade,  Hematite, Rhinestone, Genuine Leather
  • Metal: Zinc/Alloy
  • Size: Around 33.4 inches + 3 closures positions for adjustment
  • Individually Handmade

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