Heaven & Earth Sun Eye Necklace

$19.99 $59.99

The Heaven & Earth Sun Eye necklace features 2 protection eyes above the sun to symbolize Heaven and 2 protection eyes beneath the sun to symbolize earth. The Sun Eye is an ancient symbol used even as far back as before the written word was created and found on cave drawings for protection and good fortunes.

It's believed by ancient civilization that the Sun Eye watches over you and your loved ones as long as they keep it close.

Each necklace is carefully handmade with individually selected beads and crystals for the highest quality available to you.

Fast shipping to you direct from our offices in beautiful Burbank, CA.
  • Materials: Gold Plating, metal alloys
  • Size: Pendant is 1.5"X1", Chain is roughly 18.5"
  • Individually Handmade With Delicate Care & Love

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